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The Optimising Business Broadband (OBB) project has been created to support SMEs across Shropshire and Staffordshire. This project is supported by Connecting Shropshire and enables SMEs to discover how fibre broadband technology can vastly improve their businesses.

This ERDF project has engaged with over 400 businesses and delivered over 70 12 hour business assists to eligible SMEs.

The current round of funding is now closed but OBB will continue to add to the website, hold events and offer advice on forthcoming projects. We will ensure, if we cannot help, we will signpost you to digital experts.

If you would like any further information regarding the new European Union Funding programme (2014-2020) please take a look at Business Support on The Marches LEP website.


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Whether you're in engineering, architecture or software - digital companies grow 25% faster than their non-digital counterparts.

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Discover more about the free local and key note speaker events being rolled out across Shropshire and Staffordshire until June 2015.

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Top 5 benefits for business

Boost Productivity

Faster speeds even at the busiest times of day mean that you can upload large files such as complex graphics and videos in a fraction of the time.

Cloud Computing

Get the latest and best business software through cloud computing services such as instant data back ups – taking away the hassles of security and upgrades.

Work From Anywhere

Working from home and on the move can be seamless and easy. Save money at the same time by reducing travel costs to the office and face-to-face meetings.

Better Service and Reliability

It doesn't matter how many users are using the internet at the same time. Superfast will consistently be superfast without the usual lag or delay which increases with the volume of user usage with regular broadband.

Reduce Costs

Cut down on energy use by using cloud computing - this means less need for energy hungry servers at every office. Virtual private networks (VPN) allow business PCs to be remotely hosted, saving energy too. N.B. A VPN is a system where people can access work intranets and private networks over the internet.

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Introduction to the Cloud

This free webinar details the “The Cloud” which is a hot topic for businesses today. It promises big advantages in terms of cost and flexibility when compared to on premise IT. But sometimes it is difficult to get beyond the hype. This session strips away the jargon and provides a “no-nonsense” introduction to the Cloud from an SME perspective.


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